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Greek Language Courses for Foreigners


The Greek Language Course for Foreigners Program was created to help foreigners and immigrants to integrate in our country. Learning the local language is important for social integration and employment.   

The Greek language courses program for foreigners and immigrants is conducted in our Municipality during the last three years with great success. The foundation of this program was a necessary development, as the number of foreigner residents in our region increases every year.

With respect to cultural diversity and language differences, the office of social policy of the Municipality of Hersonissos, in cooperation with the Prefectural Committee for Public Education of Heraklion, run a campaign to inform foreigners and immigrants of the wider region about the program and gathered registration applications from 50-60 people.


In 2004, two classes were created (one for beginners and one for advanced). The students came from different countries of the Balkans, central and north Europe and were permanent residents in the region. The duration of the courses is 5 months (from the end of October to the beginning of April).